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Medical Study Exhibit: Human Pelvis

Brass mount, padded and painted, waxed shellac cherry base (4/2017). Pelvis is easy to place and remove from the mount without tools or special instruction.

George Segal Mount Carlo Maggiora LLC

George Segal Mount

Mount for the standing figure in “The Red Light” (1972) by George Segal, displayed at The Cleveland Museum of Art. The life-size standing figure is stabilized by an accurately bent steel tube inserted in it’s ...

Armature Mounts Carlo Maggiora LLC

Armature Mounts

Armature mounts hold art in a determined position, allowing deck or backboard installation. Typically made of soldered brass, accurately fitted mounts are padded, then painted to reduce visibility. The term armature is often used interchangeably ...

Wari Mounts Carlo Maggiora LLC

Wari Mounts

Modular Mount For Pre-Columbian Tunics ‘Wari: Lords of the Ancient Andes’, an exhibition organized by the Cleveland Museum of Art, opened in Cleveland in October 2013 and then traveled to two additional US venues. The ...

Delenne Mounts Carlo Maggiora LLC

Delenne Mounts

Mounts for Congo sculptures part of the exhibition “Fragments of the Invisible: The Rene and Odette Delenne Collection of Congo Sculpture”, The Cleveland Museum of Art, 2013. This exhibition utilized a variety of mount designs: ...

Seismic Travel Mount Carlo Maggiora LLC

Seismic Travel Mount

This heavy mount was designed to provide handling capabilities for the stone work. Julius Caesar, without touching the delicate, friable surface. The object remained fixed in its mount during travel and installation. There are four ...

Greek Helmets Carlo Maggiora LLC

Greek Helmets Mounts

The metal rod supports the padded fitted cap. The rod is painted deck color.

Architectural Mounts Carlo Maggiora LLC

Architectural Mounts

Heavy and large stone artifacts are supported by welded steel mounts often consisting of a contoured shelf and removable clips. The art is loaded into the mount on a Tivar strip, then padded clips are ...


Plate Mounts

Plate mounts typically have two lower arms that cradle the plate. A top clip, if needed, slides into a receiver preventing the plate from tilting forward. Deep plates seldom need a top clip as the ...

Senufo Mounts Carlo Maggiora LLC

Senufo Mounts

Mounts for masks, figures, and decorative arts by Senufo artists for the exhibition “Senufo: Art and Identity in West Africa” at The Cleveland Museum of Art (2015).